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On the road that leads to the hills of Traversetolo, near the beneficial waters of the Terme di Monticelli just outside Parma, every day we produce our Parmigiano Reggiano DOP in the old farmhouse that has just been renovated.

We own the dairy and cheese factory as well: only here you can see the full cycle for the Parmigiano cheese making *, still done with artisan techniques. You can take a ride in the barn with our cows, and then to the cheese factory where Parmigiano is crafted every morning, then the amazing casera, the aging room where you will be surrounded only by Parmigiano Reggiano wheels. Finally you will taste our fantastic cheese, winner of the 2014 World Cheese Award and 2016 Alma Caseus gold medal, in our farm and food shop where you could also have breakfast and lunch (only tasting is already included in the price above)


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* It is possible to see live Parmigiano production only with the 9am tour. In any case, all other tours will have access to premises where Parmigiano Reggiano is made as well!


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