Customer can buy the products on the website of Società Agricola Giansanti Srl www.giansantidimuzio.it and www.giansantidimuzio.com.

Availability of products on the website may differ from the actual availability of the same in stock, as the product can be purchased by multiple users at the same time. For this reason the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl reserves the right, once the order is received, to check its availability. In the event of exhaustion of the products, the customer will receive a communication about this, proposing different alternatives or refund of the purchase. Furthermore the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl reserves the right to cancel orders and reimburse them for products entered with incorrect prices or due to system problems, notifying the customer before 5 working days.

It is recommended to insure the shipment (optional at the time of purchase) to have a refund of 90% in case of loss of the package. If the insurance mentioned above is not purchased, the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl has no responsibility in case of loss, tampering with the package and missing products, with a reimbursement provided by the shipper of € 1 per Kg. No responsibility can be attributed to the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl but to the shipping company that took charge of the shipment. In the event of receipt of damaged products, a report may be made to Società Agricola Giansanti Srl within 8 days of receipt of the package. All reports for damaged product received after 8 days cannot be taken into consideration.

RECEPTION OF THE ORDER. As soon as the purchase order has been made, the Società Agricola Giansanti will forward via e-mail the acceptance of the same, with all the data of the purchaser and then proceed with the shipment.

CANCELLATION OF THE ORDER. The Customer has the right to modify or cancel the order, exclusively by sending a communication to the e-mail address parma@giansantidimuzio.it specifying the reason, no later than 8 hours from the order confirmation

INVOICE. To request an invoice it is necessary to tick the “Request invoice” box at the time of purchase. The invoice will be issued only once the order has been completed. It is not possible to request an invoice after purchase.

By placing an order on the website www.giansantidimuzio.it and www.giansantidimuzio.com customer declares to have read the conditions of sale, the payment methods proposed and the entire purchase procedure.

Under no circumstances  Società Agricola Giansanti Srl can be held responsible for any fraudulent or improper use of credit cards by third parties, when paying for products purchased on www.giansantidimuzio.it and www.giansantidimuzio.com

VARIABLE WEIGHT OF PRODUCTS. All our products are sold with an approximate weight indication. In fact, since our company uses hand-cutting and not fixed-weight cutting systems, weight variations are therefore possible with a tolerance of 9% compared to what is indicated without this leading to a variation (up or down) in the price applied. For example, the product marked as “1 kg tip of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO aged over 22 months” may weigh between 910 grams and 1090 grams without this leading to a change in the price indicated.

Informations and features relating to the products are available on the website. All product prices, are expressed in Euros, they are clearly indicated on the website and are inclusive of VAT.

Shipping costs are calculated at the time of the order and may vary due to the the number of items, their weight and shipping address.

Product prices, as shown on the website, are subject to change at any time and without notice. Sales conditions  will be applied to the time of the order as being sent by the Customer, only for orders being accepted or as accepted above by the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl and excepting orders not accepted.

METHODS OF PAYMENT In the case of payment by bank transfer, the user, after receiving the amount to be paid by e-mail, must make the payment by giving subsequent communication. The order will be processed only once the crediting of the current account of Società Agricola Giansanti Srl has been verified.

In the case of purchase of goods with payment by credit card, together with the conclusion of the online transaction, the reference bank will authorize only the commitment of the amount relating to the purchase just made.

In case of cancellation of the order, both by the Customer and in the case of non-acceptance by the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl, the cancellation of the transaction and the release of the amount involved will be requested by the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl. Release times, for some types of cards, depend exclusively on banking system and can reach up to their natural expiration (typically 24-25 days from the date of authorization). Once the transaction has been canceled, in no case the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl can be held responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by delay in the failure to release the amount committed by the banking system.

To guarantee the customer more safely and at any time during the purchase process, the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl is able to know the information relating to the buyer’s credit card, transmitted via secure connection directly to the site of the bank that manages the transaction (Nexi). No archive of Società Agricola Giansanti Srl will keep such data. Under no circumstances can the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl be held responsible for any fraudulent or improper use of credit cards by third parties, upon payment of products purchased on www.giansantidimuzio.it or www.giansantidimuzio.com

SHIPPING TIMES Usually the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl undertakes to deliver the ordered item to shipping company within two / three working days of receipt of payment. Delivery time of shipping company takes place in 24/48 hours from receipt of the product, with the exception of some particularly disadvantaged locations, weekends or holidays. Pick-up, preparation and packaging times may vary depending on the type, availability, packaging of the product or the time of year (for example pre-Christmas period, Easter, mid-August, etc.). In this case the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl undertakes to promptly notify the Customer to obtain its approval to proceed with the shipment. During summer periods, in order to guarantee the best possible preservation of the product, timing may be affected by variations with the unique purpose of reducing time of storage in shipping company warehouse (for example on holidays / weekends). Refunds for products paid but not sent, partially or totally, will be made by the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl as soon as possible.

We also accept all the rules for shipments, returns and returns previously reported below.


The Società Agricola Giansanti Srl (hereinafter also referred to as “Company” only) guarantees that products will be delivered equal to those indicated and described on the site and compliance with all the regulations regarding the conservation of the products up to the time of delivery to the indicated place in the order. The manufacturer’s liability applies to all products sold. In the case of packaged products, the manufacturer is also responsible for the truthfulness and completeness of the information on the packaging. The images on the site are provided to the Customer to facilitate the recognition of the products; due to variations in the packaging by the manufacturer, the photos may not exactly reflect the appearance of the delivered product.

Unless otherwise specified, the goods are considered delivered at street level.

As required by the Consumer Code D.LGS 206/05 (ex right of withdrawal) and by Legislative Decree 21/2014 the Customers of Società Agricola Giansanti Srl enjoy the guarantee satisfied or reimbursed with the possibility of returning the purchased products within 14 working days from receipt, except in the case of products that by their nature cannot be returned, such as easily perishable food items or personalized items.

In the regular exercise of the right of withdrawal, only the costs of returning the goods to the sender are charged to the Customer.


It is necessary to send a registered letter with return receipt to the address below or an e-mail to parma@giansantidimuzio.it within 14 working days from receipt of the goods.

Società Agricola Giansanti Srl

Via Traversetolo 228

Parma 43123

In the communication, Customer must indicate the product or products for which it intends to exercise the right of withdrawal.

– To exercise the right of withdrawal it is necessary to return the products purchased, in excellent condition and with original labels not removed.

– The packaging of the products must be accurate, in order to protect the original box from damage, writing or labels.

– Products must be returned by express courier at their own expense.

– It is advisable to use a traceable and insured shipping method as it will not be the responsibility of the Società Agricola Giansanti srl, the failed receipt or damage to the material sent.

– The goods will be reimbursed by the Società Agricola Giansanti Srl after having verified the content and the condition of the products, within 14 days from the receipt of the communication from the customer. The Società Agricola Giansanti Srl will provide a full refund of the costs incurred by the customer at the time of purchase, with the exception of shipping costs.

For any communication regarding complaints the customer can use the e-mail address: parma@giansantidimuzio.it

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